Past Events

  1. Living and Natural Resources Roundtable – Tuesday, September 14 – Agenda (here). Supporting notes – Livestock sector land management ( here) and Community Woodland (here)
    • Summary of Baseline Natural Capital Account for Cumbria to Inform Investment Decisions. Ian Dickie, eftec – (here)
    • Agroforestry & Soil Management. Peter Head, (Resilience Brokers) (here)

2. Energy Efficiency and Retrofit Roundtable – Thursday, September 16th. Agenda (here) and supporting notes (here)

  • Outline of Retrofit Challenges and Opportunities. Anne Chapman (here)
  •  Financing Energy Efficiency and Retrofit. Ian Callaghan (here)

3. Sustainable Transport RoundtableTuesday, September 21 at 2 pm – 4 pm. Agenda (here) and supporting notes (here)

  •  From Paris Obligations to Investment in Cumbria’s Transport System. Alistair Kirkbride (here)
  • Future-Proofing Transport – Cumbria’s Transport Plan, David Hughes, Cumbria LEP (here)
  • EVs in Cumbria & infrastructure, Phil Davies, CAfS (here)

 4. RE Round Table. Tuesday, September 28 at 2 pm – 4 pm. Agenda (here) and supporting notes (here).

  • Financing the Just Transition. Prof Nick Robins, LSE, chair of project (here)
  • A Glimpse into the Future. Helen Seagrave, Community Energy Manager, Electricity North West (here)
  • Transformative and Targeted RE Ideas. Michael Osborne, Director, Arup (here)
  • Overview of Community Energy in Cumbria. What is Happening – Locally and Nationally. Anne Chapman (here)
  • Investing in Renewables – Snapshot Offshore Wind Farms. Charlotte Eddington, Investment Director. Abundance (here)



  • Agenda here
  • Recording – here . Passcode: =wz=8gSL
  • Overview of the Green Investment Project, Ciara Shannon, Director, EdenWorks Green. Project lead.   Here
  • Perspectives on Green Investments in Cumbria. Jo Lappin, CEO, Cumbria Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP). Here
  • Investing in Natural Capital: A Baseline for Cumbria, Ian Dickie, Director, eftec. Here. Full report found Here
  • Transformational Energy Projects. Michael Osborne, Director, Arup. Here
  • Charlotte Eddington, Investments Director, Abundance. Here